Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fuck it all...

Fuck this place, I want out.
I dont like it here.

I feel misplaced.

My friends....who are they?

Who are my true friends?

I know who they are, but sometimes even they make me feel bad.

This is why I dont talk much anymore.

And I wont tell them how I feel either because they'll just see me as a case.
More or less.

Let them lead their happy lives and I'll just live my miserable one.

I wanna cry.

This is the only place I feel like I matter right now, in my blog, which thankfully, no one reads.

Cuz they'll just get pissed.

You know what just leave me alone.

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Sonar said...

i know exactly what you mean. and feel pretty much exactly the same way. in pretty much every way.

but ya know what. let the light shine through, and look for the good in every situation, cuz its there.

let the world be your place for joy and laughter, to live life how you want to live it. and dont let anyone bring you down.

words of hope from