Thursday, November 27, 2008

Empathy: The simple 7 letter word, the aspect we all face in life...

It's definition; the ability of a person to understand the emotions and/or feelings of another.
Ever since i learnt of this, the word's my everyday note.
In society, things can be a tough. Especially if you've alot to face.
Can make you feel guarded sometimes, right?
It's normally a case of the individual's mind-set.

On a personal note, I feel a lack and a good amount of empathy, in many ways. Life can be like a roller-coaster, or like a calm stream. Being an adolescent, life tends to be at it's toughest, with society and stuff.
When you don't follow the rules of acceptance, the violation can be dealt with severely. There'll be people who judge you, just for that, and even take it further. Then, there are those who'll support you, guide you, help you along the way. Those, are the one that are harder to find around here.

However, I can call myself lucky, for i have found such people. But that doesn't mean that there's no lack of empathy between us. Rather, in this case, you may feel the lack the most; stronger.
In relationships, we talk of love and support. We talk of understanding. We talk of romance.
If anyone evr thought that any relationship, be it a friendship or more, is like a smooth ride, then, he ought to be in a fairy-tale.
These are the conditions, in with the lack of this empathy, feels strongest.
Worse if the bond concerned is very important to you, on which u rely for support.

Sometimes, you're bound to be hurt. You can't escape it, it's inevitable.
But, be smart, don't be like me.
Talk over the situation. The one in which you were hurt. Don't act as if it's nothing, for it'll just occur again, and you'll just get hurt again.
You have to contribute, if you want a change for the better, before they get worse.

In life, you gotta be real. Pretending'll hurt you at some point. May even distroy you.
I've learnt this the hard way.

Life has it's trials. But don't make the mistake and let them control your life. That's suicide. Believe me.

You have to be strong basically. And positive. If you've had a bad day, hope and make the next a good one. But don't try too hard. Just face it all, and deal with it the rational way.

These are lessons I've learnt here. Moving on; my key note.
Viva la vida, i always say to myself.
Moving on my '7Leaps4Ward'.


I tend to feel alone at times. Most times, i really do need the support.
At times, i tend to deprive myself of it.
Others, i just don't feel it.
And when you have someone upon whom you were so sure that you could depend on that, and empathy for things that are not easily understood by you, or even your irrational statements, the lack of it at times, the times that should be expected, tends to be very hard.

But don't let it get to you, i say to myself. Sometimes, you have to console yourself. Because you're not the only one who feels alone. And everyone has their problems. Even though they might take it out on you, or treat you unfairly because of it, just try, to let it go.